Working in a style department

Hi friends,
it’s not a long time since we have started our own blog and we sincerely hope we have intrigued you enough to already have some loyal readers.
Cristina, Enrico and I write both to give you style tips and tell you how life is within our company.
For this reason today we want to take you on a trip into our style department, introducing you to the “strange people” who are in it.

Let’s start with me, I’m Nicole and I’m Cristina’s daughter…
I’m not totally part of the style department, I’m kind of a stowaway :)
I occupy the desk next to my mother’s and I deal with the “social” side of the company.
I manage the website, our profile on social networks and I follow mom and Enrico during research trips.
Why am I in this department?
Nice question! No, just kidding… who manages the social networks must see each aspect of the production closely enough to be able to give you all news and secrets (well, only the ones you can reveal!) and then mom really appreciates my style advice.

On my left we find the heart of the department and of the entire company… our super Cristina! She’s our pillar, our strength, she who invents, designs, creates…
She’s the stylist but not just that, she carries out many other tasks… trend setting, choosingfabricsaccessoriescolours, she draws, invents, produces, fits, she deals with customers, orders, foreign marketing…
Sometimes I wonder how she can make it without exploding :)
Good thing she’s there… she’s our superheroine!

On my right there’s our legendary Enrico, my mom’s style assistant.
Enrico’s been working for us for only two years, but by now we couldn’t do without him anymore.
He’s a big-hearted boy, he’s super sunny, always smiling and he bends over backwards for his job…
Cristina considers him a precious help, also because he has great taste in style which is similar to hers…
In front of me there’s our Natasha, the accessories’ specialist. She takes care of every single detail of the items, from the smallest button to the most colourful rhinestone.
She’s a very precise, attentive, tidy and accurate person, all of which are perfect requisites for her role within the style department.
She’s been working with us for many years now and she has learned how to choose the accessories according to Cristina’s taste.
She sets meetings with the accessories’ suppliers and makes a very accurate selection of each single detail, for example buttons, fringes, crochets, rhinestones, pearls, suspenders, laces, belts, bows, ribbons and so on…
She archives everything and at my mom’s request she’s always ready to satisfy each of her “desires”.


Finally, next to Natasha there’s our long-time worker Simona, who follows the sample case and the production of the external manifacturers.
It’s very nice to be next to her, it’s a pleasure to have her in the office because apart from being a very capable worker, she’s also uniquely funny.

As an infiltrator in the style area, I feel very lucky because when you work with competent, sunny and helpful people around you, everything becomes easier…
Oh sorry, I forgot a fundamental element of our team… I didn’t tell you about our really funny and sweet mascot, our Fei, she who actively participates to the routine at the company… (well, almost always actively :))


Did I succeed in getting you on an imaginary trip to our company’s style department? I hope so – it’s the heart of the company and here is where our wonderful collections come alive!

See you next time!