Cristinaeffe Milano Collection SS 2015: the beginning

Hello girls,
So what do you think about our blog?
Our goal is to intrigue, fascinate and make you fall in love with us and it is with this purpose that today I want to take a trip into the birth of a collection: for example, our Spring Summer 2015 Collection.


How born a fashion collection? I take inspiration by the world in which I live, by nature, odours, colours, by the people around me with whom I share my opinions, thoughts and ideas.

The collections are always different but the woman to whom I address is always the same: female, gritty, glamorous, sexy and romantic. I think, I create and produce to see the woman CRISTINAEFFE dressed well, suitable for every need, painstakingly, to make her feel more at ease and to keep it from ever go unnoticed!

This spring-summer, I created a collection fresh, colorful and contemporary. Each garment is designed to be mixed with a game of materials, shapes and colors to create the total look behind the times (so a little crazy).

keyThree lines for this season.
The Collection, the main collection, enriched by the accessories, is based on three moods:

Ultra-feminine 1950’s elegance mainly inspired by the allure of Princess of Monaco Grace Kelly during the Monte Carlo glamour years.

black-white-cristinaeffe“VA TUTTO BENE”
“Everything is fine” – an ironic reference to the chaotic time in which we live, expressed through a blend of colours, floral and geometric prints in a mix&match effect designed to intrigue and amaze.


Special events and eveningwear, an indispensable theme this time proposed with delicate colours such as nude, silk white and pale yellow, embellished with jais and transparent effects. Each style is completed with ad hoc accessories including the coloured, woven, printed and perforated bags.

pure-white-critinaeffecerimonia-cristinaeffeThen there’s the GLAM, our line more trendy.

Here opposites wear, lines, shapes and black and white stay together. Total look open to modernity, with fantasies inside the jackets or everywhere… Just choose the right print and you’re done!
Watchword? A piece striped print, something red and big bags!


Finally we have  CIEFFE Collection, our capsules, our line faster founded on two moods: the pink Barbie, we are Barbie girls in a Barbie world and the animal, made version sporty-chic.

Well ….
I reached my goal? Did you love our collections?
Stay tuned!

With love,
Your Cristina.