Dear diary….

is unusual to find this words in a post about fashion style, and this is the reason that makes the new CRISTINAEFFE BLOG so different from others.


This is the first post of a business diary, a little space in the ether where we try to communicate how we live, which air we breathe, the worries, the satisfactions, the spree, the creativity, and ours 20-years history of CRISTINAEFFE world.


You will be with us behind the scenes of our fashion shows, on our inspirational trips looking for the new collections, in our offices with scraps of cloth, sketchbooks, plannings, soft silks and shented leather.  We will reveal some of the secrets of our fashion world and its dizzy timing.

There will be, however, our style tips, style guide and exclusive combinations, for the day at work or for unusual evening.


Just because out of the ordinary, CRISTIANEFFE aim to open the company doors to the readers, to try to communicate the passion and love that every day we dedicates to makes you look prettier, in fact, BE beautiful, thanks to the daily magic behind the CRISTINAEFFE brand.


Stay tuned!


Cristina, Enrico and Nicole