Fashion Show: assembly instructions.

Dear Diary,
we are in January, period of fashion shows …
On January 12, we presented our next collection fall / winter 2015-2016 and now, at last, we can take a few minutes of breathing.
But how? will think you, fashion show is the most beautiful moment, it is a magical event! Why are you so exhausted ???
Well yes, it is true, surely the presentation is always the most adrenaline in the life of a fashion designer but you can not imagine the madness and frenzy that are hidden behind it.
About six months of work behind the creation of a collection … Who would have thought?
But today we want to tell you the whole process, just focus on the beautiful, we speak about fashion show!.
What happens? I’ll try to let you imagine …
Step 1, the choice of models. Funny part but not out of hand … They have to give added value to the collection. Their beauty, their style, their behavior and their femininity must enhance and interpret what they wear. We rely so the fashion agencies that offer us what more do our case and then we choose the favorite … typically 9.
Step 2, alert the legendary Max, our boss Extreme make-over. We explain the mood of the collection and he creates the hairstyles and make-up that best suit our requirements.

Step 3, the choice of location. Must be spacious and comfortable but also effect … do not forget that we are putting on a real show … even a fashion show!
Ok we’re almost there, the basics are there but not over, now comes the hard part: choosing the look! I and Enrico (my right arm of the department style) we “rolled up ours sleeves” and covering look by look, accessory by accessory, we put together all the looks that will parade and which will then be offered to customers as well. This is the job longer and that makes me come but head! It seems silly, but the combination of a look, it determines its trend of final sale.
Ok, the anxiety starts to rise more and more and with her came the sleepless nights … but let’s move on!
All the looks are then numbered and assigned to the models; generally every girl has 12 or 13.
What is missing … let me think …?
Ah yes! Missing to contact the photographer (who typically 2 or 3 days before the show takes pictures of the look-book) and the director for video.
Well I would say that we are ok, so get on the fateful day of the fashion show, and now I do not remember how to sleep! The level of stress is high,  doubts, fear,  anxieties … Will it fit? It will go wrong? Who will like it? Our customers will be satisfied? And what the foreign representatives will think? Sell? And with the crisis, what about? … Enough! Too much to do! Stop thinking, force me!
Let’s go back to day x.
The looks of the collection are brought in backstage whereEnrico and Nicole (my daughter),  set the show: buttons open, zip pull down, labels must be removed … all at your fingertips and easy to wear .
When arrive the models, Max begins to cure their look.
Photographers and catering (because after the event then there will be a party) are already at work.
Then come the girls of my staff, that will help the models to dress during the parade and try all the different look to each model to see if it all goes.
Oh I forgot the DJ! Music is also an important element, must be adapted to the issues and should be suitable for the catwalk!
Finally, thankfully, in all this frenzy comes the times … representatives sit down and everything is ready, the lights go out, the curtain rises and behind the scenes seems a bomb! Believe me seem many 9 models but the speed with which you have to dress them up and get them out is shocking!
It ‘s done, we are in the game. The show lasts about 40 minutes, while in backstage seem to us 15 minutes of fire, where you stop even to breathe.
We always start with denim, then follow all the different moods and in conclusion the grand finale with the evening dresses. Models closed out the show all together, then I go out with Enrico, behind all my women and Nicole comes with a beautiful bouquet of flowers and with its full embrace of love and pride. Then finally I can enjoy the show and applause hard earned.
For now our journey in the life of a fashion company ends here.
So what do you think?
The next fashion show you can empathize with me so I will have your support in my heart!