Outfit: the perfect match!

Good morning girls,
how many of you spend hours in front of the closet to look at how to dress, and especially with what and how to match each piece?

Well… today I want to give you some little tips … I give them with love and according to my personal style.

Fashion passes, style remains”, said Coco Chanel… ☺

In fact, every year,  what I say, even monthly trends change are mixed, and sometimes they turn back, but undoubtedly the crucial component that remains is being stylish and fascinating. What are two variants very important and that determine the success of a look? No doubt the colors and accessories …Until a few years ago, it was essential to use color tone and never mix them too… accessories of the same hue; bags, belts, jewelry and even shoes! Everything in pendant !!!

Today life is frenetic, everything is crazy and, consequently,  fashion is crazy too. You no longer need to match all tone sur tone, now you can also take a dress close your eyes and pull out a bag at random and surely you would become immediately fashionable! Nowadays we have developed so many styles and tastes that I call the era of “Anything goes”!

You can combine different prints in the same outfit (match print) and you can also get to combine all of the colors together.GLAM-CRISTINA-EFFE-SS15_14

You can take a geometry and add a flower.

Senza titolo

You can take different geometries and mix them in the same clothes.


In a chic look black and white we can mix a crazy color

that shout: “Hey look my style”!!!


I can take an electric blue dress and  match it with a coral red bag, why not?


Everything is new, everything is crazy, everything is beautiful, it’s all a balance above the madness …is not a simple world,
you have to be really glamorous and, above all, we must know how to wear and be believe in our personal style.

Do you have some ideas about it? What do you think about? You are so crazy to keep up with this time?

Stay tuned girls, and see you on our social: Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest ed Instagram!

With love