S.O.S. cerimonial dress WANTED!

Dear friends,
began the spring, season of love…and even of the cerimonies!
The sun and mild temperatures peep in our days, perfect weather for the organization of ceremonies of any kind. The agenda is full of important dates … unmissable events such as communions, confirmations, baptisms and weddings, that all women (or almost) create a huge sense of anxiety about the choice of the best look !!!!


We as usual we are here to help you, so now let’s talk about how to choose the best outfit more appropriate for our events.

First we start from the main rule: for a ceremony must try to be elegant and feminine but we must never become too flashy for not overshadow the guest of honour, especially in the case of a wedding …



Second rule: knowing exactly the time of the event, because according to this, the look changes dramatically: if it is in the morning a suit is more suitable, for the the afternoon /evening is recommended a dresse.


Take great attention to the reading of the invitation, sometimes is specified the dress code, respect it will help us not to be off topic.

The strong colors like red or purple are censored for ceremonies! A woman has to choose absolutely fine soft colors, fresh and battered or even fantasies, especially floral given the period.


Pay attention to the white: is to be avoided, especially when it comes to marriage, unless it matched to black … you know that black and white is our best style !!!


CRISTINAEFFE’s woman besides being sophisticated and feminine it also sexy, but during the cerimonies is not appropriate to be so…

Do not ever be vulgar, avoid plunging necklines and always remember a beautiful shawl to cover the back during religious ceremonies in church.



If you choose a dress should not be too short, and if the ceremony is in the evening, the long dress is absolutely WOWWW !!!!!


Then there are the accessories that as always can improve or worsen the situation … If you have opted for a look very simple and minimal you can dare with jewels, but do not forget that we need to be sophisticated for the occasion so if you can dress small points of light or thin pearl …


As usual, we need a bag, which must be mignon!

Big bags reluctantly we leave them at home, you have to carry around only the bare minimum: cell, tissues, lipstick, keys, wallet, purse, mascara, nail file, glasses, pen, notepad to write, address book, chewing-gum , water bottle, wallet, battery charger, camera … Nooooo… I’m kidding! The purse will be very small, will be a pochette, shoulder bag or a very microscopic.


Last but not least we think about the shoes.
The heel is almost mandatory but  not too … we do not go to the disco at a ceremony!
Must be the same color as the dress or at least tone of the look or accessories, and above all it must be absolutely very convenient because these events are always long, the hours standing are always many and you have to get to the end with a certain demeanor. .. remember this !!!!

Well… we hope to be been a little help, write me any advice on Social! And if you want to be a woman CRISTINAEFFE, get inspired by our collections SS 2015 :)




Alla prossima,

Con affetto

Vostra Cristina