The outfits for Valentine’s Day, for single ladies or in love!

Dear diary,

Is coming one of the most loved and most hated parties at the same time … S. Valentine day!

As every year, the couples are busy to arrange a romantic evening, while singles looking to plan for the day after a night at the extravagant face of all lovers!

However, we are fashion addicted so we have to celebrate this event with a look for these two situations.


We are already fully screened in the spring / summer collection now, so my advice you will be given to the new thinking S/S 2015 Cristinaeffe Collection.


We start with women in love

To you, that at this time of year more than ever, haev your eyes like little heart, you’ll have to throw yourself on a romantic outfits but still fashionable.

What do you think about this look?

san valentino2015_outfit san valentino2015_outfit2home4san valentino2015_outfit3



Themust have is black and white, softened by a new type of pois very glamorous and what is the most popular gift on Valentine’s Day ?!
Roses! So you will feel very suitable occasion: sweet, trendy, feminine and sexy but elegant at the same time.

Perfect, right? You will surely break the heart of your lovers, for the second time!

Then there are single women, for choice or not, but they always look for fun.

If you need to impress someone, the look I am going to propose, will do for you!

You’ll have to be super sexy and feminine but not vulgar, you’ll have to be fashionable but distinguishing yourselves by all! You will have to be women … but with pants.

So I jump in mind this outfit:

san valentino2015_outfit_single


Already I see you, you will have all eyes on you!


I hope I’ve helped you… Then if you want let us know how it went on our social pages, and send photos please! ;-)


See you soon,

your Cristina