The secret activities of a fashion company

Hi friends,
how many of you are so keen on fashion to even ask yourself what clothing companies do at certain times?
Well we’re here, and for the most curious ones we want to tell you what we’re doing at this moment, apparently lacking any noteworthy event…
The summer collection has been available in stores since late January, the 2015-16 Fall-Winter collection has already been showcased in January, so what are we creating????
The 2016 Spring/Summer collection!!!!!!!!!

At full speed, Cristina is on the job rallying the whole staff to showcase the new collection in June!
Practically a race against time, furious pace and sleepless nights…
First, ideas have to come to light, Cristina and Enrico travel around the world hunting for flashes of genius and new trends…

Between a trip and another, they choose fabrics which always have to be new, high quality and always fit for our style…
At this point patterns are created, designed, and finally production starts for every single item, with the related fitting on the model and the approval.

This whole work then is handed from the style department to the department where we develop the samples’ repetition. At this stage we create the items’ technical sheets, which track each size, accessory or seam for every item, and we create the books we will distribute to the salesmen on the day of the fashion show.
tableau schede-tessuto-cristinaeffe
By the description, it looks like I described about a month of work but actually it takes about 5 and a half!
Oh I forgot, in the meantime we also have to organize the advertising activities, which are really important for a fashion company!
Recently we’ve been shooting the photos for the 2015-16 Fall/Winter collection campaign and in a few weeks we will be preparing the 2016 Spring/Summer collection lookbook…
In other words… we don’t get bored at all!

Guess what we are doing these days, about a month and a half after the fashion show?
Come on, I’ll give you a hint: we are already fitting all the items to launch the 2015-16 Winter production!

And now excuse me, work is calling me out loud!

See you soon dear friends,
with love